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BASIC USES: The development of epoxy zinc rich primers represents one of the outstanding advances in the field of anti-corrosion in many years. EPO Coat Zinc Rich Primer is a multiple component, catalyzed epoxy coating which deposits a film containing 55% zinc by weight The presence of zinc in this film not only affords a tough barrier against weather and abrasion, but also provides cathodic protection .

This coating is to be used as a primer only.  EPO Coat Zinc Rich Primer may be applied directly to new clean steel with little or no mil scale or other contaminates as well as to commercial sandblasted surfaces and will obtain maximum adhesion without the white metal blast required by some types of primers.  Provides excellent adhesion for intermediate and topcoats.

APPLICABLE STANDARDS: When repairing, coating or resurfacing floors and other structural surfaces subject to incidental food contact in establishments operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program, notify FSIS inspector prior to installation.


 Weathered or otherwise contaminated steel requires a surface cleaning by sandblasting for best results. Commercial sandblasting is sufficient for all types of service. Surface preparation procedures are outlined in Steel Structural Painting Council Specifications SP-I, SSPCSP6.52T.


EPO Coat Zinc Rich Primer is supplied as a three component package. Blending the contents of the three components yields one gallon of material.  Mixing should be done with an air drill and Jiffy mixer.  Stir each part before combining.  Care should be taken to scrape the sides and bottom of mixing containers.

Thoroughly mix Component A and Component B, slowly add the zinc dust, Component C, with good agitation. Allow to stand (sweat-in) for approximately 20 - 30 minutes, re-stir and apply. The prepared mixture has a pot life of 2 - 3 hours at 70° F. · Higher temperatures and larger mix quantities will shorten pot life.

APPLICATION: EPO Coat Zinc Rich Primer may be spray applied by either airless or air spray systems. The steel surface should be mist coated and allowed to tack up for 20 to 30 minutes. This should be followed by a series of light build coats for a total application rate of 250 to 300 sq. ft. per gallon.  Do not apply at surface temperatures below 50° F.

EPO Coat Zinc Rich Primer will dry to touch in approximately one hour at 75° F. It will normally be ready to re-coat in 4 to 8 hours.

EQUIPMENT CLEAN UP: Clean tools and equipment immediately with commercial grade lacquer thinner or Acetone. In California, use Acetone, 1,l ,1, Trichlorethane only, or hot water and soap.  Do not allow epoxy to set hard on tools and mixing equipment.

PRECAUTIONS: Flammable. Keep away from heat or open flame and pilot lights. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist. Use with adequate ventilation. Keep  of out  of reach  of children.


We warrants that the material meets specifications listed, and limits any warranty to the replacement of materials only.

The information contained in this specification is based on data obtained by our own research and is considered accurate. However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of this data or the results to be obtained from the use of this data or product. This information is furnished and the product sold upon the condition that the person receiving it shall make his own test to determine the suitability of the material for his particular purpose.

Available in

  • 22 Lbs. Gal. Unit ($145.98)


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