Welcome to the inaugural post of the Dynamis epoxy blog!   

Dynamis is a family-owned manufacturer of epoxy coatings and adhesives, epoxy flooring products, epoxy concrete repair products, and epoxy compounds for the electric motor and pump manufacturing and repair industries.  With an extensive history in the epoxy industry dating back to 1946, Dynamis offers decades of expertise along with our excellent and cost-effective products for all of your epoxy needs.  Nearly all of our products come with convenient 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratios, making Dynamis epoxy products simple to use.

We will use our blog to detail each of the product categories and products that we manufacture.  We will also offer tutorials on the application process, from selecting the best product to surface preparation to the actual application of each of our products. 

For concrete flooring we manufacture multiple coatings as well as concrete patches and large-area concrete resurfacers.  Our epoxy coatings are extremely tough and long-lasting.  Our epoxy concrete patches and resurfacers are conveniently packaged in 3-component systems including epoxy, hardener, and aggregate shipped in a mixing pail. 

In the electric motor industry, Dynamis is the innovator and inventor of epoxy dynamic balancing compounds. EPO Dynaweight is the long-running industry standard in this specialized field, with various cure times available for different manufacturing and repair venues.  EPO Dynaweight is specifically designed for balancing the rotating parts of electric motors, or any other rotating parts, and the nature of epoxy products allows for test-balancing and easy adjustment until cure.

Pour-Flex 150-2 is an excellent semi-flexible potting compound for encapsulating the leads in submersible pumps.  Pour-Flex 150-2  is low-viscosity and fast-curing, and the flexibility prevents shrinkage and cracking. 

Finally, our Z-TEC ceramic-filled epoxy putty and coatings systems provide extreme wear-resistance for pumps and other equipment that are exposed to abrasive product.  The system used together allows for worn parts to be rebuilt and for the entire part to be machined to spec as needed.  Z-TEC is packaged in kits that contain all of the tools needed to use the product.  It is significantly more cost-effective than the competition.

We look forward to the opportunity to teach you about our products.  In addition to these blog posts, please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions about your epoxy needs.  We are always happy to help!