At Dynamis, we manufacture a variety of epoxy coatings for protecting and beautifying concrete and machinery surfaces.  On our website you will find three of our 100% solids epoxy coating systems:  EPO Seal 100, EPO Coat H3H, and EPO Coat NS-100.  “100% solids” means that they contain no solvents or water, will produce very little odor during application, and everything that you apply remains in the system (there is no evaporation or shrinkage).  Today I’m going to discuss the advantages of each of these epoxy coating systems and why you might choose one over the other.

 EPO Seal 100 is a great general purpose epoxy concrete sealer and coating.  Available in clear or pigmented in a variety of colors, it will provide excellent wear resistance and good chemical and weather resistance.  EPO Seal 100 is a great solution for institutional or warehouse floors or equipment that need excellent wear protection but will not see much chemical exposure.  EPO Seal 100 can be blended with solvent to create a lower-viscosity and slower-curing system if desired.

EPO Coat H3H is a true top of the line epoxy coating that can be used to protect concrete or machinery.  It has exceptional wear resistance, weather resistance, and chemical resistance.  It is ideal for use on surfaces in factories or warehouses which will see chemical exposure or that will require even better wear resistance.  It can also be used to coat secondary spill containment areas.  Forklifts are no match for the toughness of EPO Coat H3H.

EPO Coat NS-100 is a simple non-slip epoxy coating system with non-slip aggregate already in the can, allowing for rapid installation OF non-slip areas where needed.  EPO Coat NS-100 is ideal for making break areas, stairs, work areas, or any other area non-slip for added safety.  If your floor might get wet, EPO Coat NS-100 will ensure that the surface remains safe to walk upon.

 Each of these coatings will provide a great solution to your concrete or machinery coating needs.  They are simple to use and apply and come in pre-measured kits to make mixing the product simple and straightforward.  Please feel free to contact Dynamis at any time with any epoxy questions, related to coatings or any other applications.  You can call us at (941) 488-3999 or email us at