Welcome back to the Dynamis epoxy blog!

Among our many product offerings, we manufacture a variety of concrete repair products for patching holes, resurfacing worn areas of concrete, and sealing sawcut joints.

Our EPO Patch & Grout is a 3-component system consisting of epoxy, hardener, and sand aggregate all conveniently packaged in a 2 gallon or 5 gallon pail for easy mixing and application.  It is best used for patching holes in concrete.  If some of the aggregate is left out it can be poured into place with minimal working to make it smooth.  If all of the aggregate is used, it will fill more volume but will require troweling to finish the surface.  EPO Patch & Grout comes in a standard formulation for use down to 50 degrees F or a Low Temperature Cure version for use down to 34 degrees F or for a rapid cure at room temperature.  In any case, EPO Patch & Grout is stronger than concrete, and your patch will last a very long time even in the harshest of industrial environments.

EPO Resurfacer is a very similar product, with the same three components as EPO Patch & Grout, but the aggregate is coarser making the troweling much easier for resurfacing larger areas of concrete with a thin layer (as thin as 1/4″).  Again, it is very conveniently packaged all together in a pail and is very easy to use.  Similarly to EPO Patch & Grout, EPO Resurfacer is available in standard and Low Temperature Cure versions.

EPO Joint Sealant is a two-component epoxy system for sealing saw-cut joints in concrete.  It has flexibility, preventing it from chipping, but is rigid enough to prevent the edges of the sawcut joints from being chipped as well.  Usage is as simple as mixing the components and applying them with a refillable caulking gun or even a simple squeezable bottle that you’d use for ketchup or mustard if you don’t have the refillable caulking gun available.

As usual, please contact us at any time with any questions regarding epoxy products or applications.  You can call us at (941) 488-3999 or email us at internetsales@dcdynamis.com.