One of the most unique product lines manufactured by Dynamis is our line of Z-TEC Ceramic-Filled Epoxy Repair Systems.

The Z-TEC product line consists of Z-TEC 751, Z-TEC 752, and Z-TEC 753.  Z-TEC 751 is a heavy putty that can be used to make major repairs to damaged or worn parts.  Z-TEC 752 and Z-TEC 753 are a base coat and top coat system that provide a smooth and uniform surface on equipment to protect it from abrasion and chemical attack.

Z-TEC 751 repair putty is troweled into place and machined to spec after cure.  It can for instance be used to repair worn or damaged pump impellers and then machined back to the exact shape needed for your application.

Z-TEC 752 and Z-TEC 753 provide a two-coat system that will uniformly rebuild worn parts of pumps and other equipment.  They can be brushed into place, and like Z-TEC 751 they can be machined back to specification if necessary.

All Z-TEC products are supplied in complete 2-pound kits that include the tools necessary for application as well as mixing cups and latex gloves.  Z-TEC products all have a simple 1:1 mix ratio which allows the use of partial kits.  The 1:1 mix ratio reduces error and makes it much simpler to split the kit for two jobs.

Perhaps most importantly, Z-TEC is extremely price competitive.  Z-TEC products will cost from half to a quarter of the cost of competitive products, and for that price savings you are receiving a complete kit (including tools!) and the previously noted simple 1:1 mix ratio.

As usual, please feel free to call us at (941) 488-3999 or email us at with any questions about Z-TEC or any of our other products, or even about your epoxy questions in general.