Dynamis Epoxy Systems Goes to Greece. 

It’s all Greek To Me: Why are we called Dynamis Epoxy Systems?  For those of you who didn’t take Greek in high school (all of us, including Clyde the Cat), the word “dynamis” comes from the Greek, meaning power, strength, and force. It gives us the words dynamite, dynamo and dynamic.  Dynamis is not just any power—it often refers to miraculous power or marvelous works. 

Greek Lesson Part 2: Dynaweight!  Dynaweight Dynamic Balancing Compound: The word “dynamics” also has its origins in the Greek word dynamis, “force, power.” In physics, dynamics is the study of bodies in motion and changes in that motion.  We don’t need Greek part 3 to know that machines vibrate and can get out of balance. Dynamic balancing is a way of balancing machines by rotating the parts, measuring the imbalance and correcting that imbalance adding or subtracting Dynaweight until the vibration is reduced.

Basically, all machines have some form of residual vibration.  Dynaweight is the solution you need!

2500 year old concrete in Corinth, Greece.

Greek Lesson Part 3: Concrete! Did you know? Concrete has been used for 7000 years.  In Ancient Greece, the Greeks used lime made by heating limestone and added sand to make mortar, with coarser stones for concrete. Dynamis (ok, the owner’s daughter) visited ancient Corinth (remember the letters from the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians?) and saw the remnants of cement used in the buildings that Paul visited to speak to the Corinthians. We aren’t saying that EPO Patch will last 7000 years, but just like the Greeks, Dynamis knows how to make a product that is durable and long lasting.  Our concrete patch has been known to outlast the concrete surrounding it. It’s definitely a marvelous work!

Niaou you know! Please enjoy a picture of a cute cat in Athens, Greece. Ok, two cute cats because you can’t have just one!