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Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Atlanta

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Atlanta

Seeing your business wiped out by fire would probably leave you feeling devastated, if not very, at least a little. Each of your investments, equipment, and inventories are all gone in a twinkle of an eye. Then you’re left all alone to deal with commercial fire damage restoration and fire cleanup. Although you’re caged up in this already, you need not clean up the mess unassisted with by Zen Dry Restoration, as we’d swing into action as we receive your orders.   

Leaving your business doors shut for too long after a fire will also limit your opportunity to make money. Fire damage cleanup and restoration can’t be done overnight; however, with our professional assistance, the process is quicker than you ever thought.

What We Do

In the wake of an emergency, our response and arrival take less than 30 minutes. We have several fire packages to meet everyone‘s needs, regardless of its shape and size – no property is difficult for us.  

Our first visit for fire damage and smoke restoration mostly comes with free consultation and estimates, where we give you a detailed step-by-step reconstruction plan. Educating you about the needful is a part of our service. After a fire, everyone must evacuate the damage zone due to faulty wires lying around. Flames could be ignited by these faulty wires, harming those around in the process.  

For this reason, we insist that everyone leaves the premises before our arrival to ensure every person is safe. More so, we ensure to reach the utility service provider to disconnect power from the entire building to prevent potential aftershocks.

  • Zen Dry Restoration fire restoration services in Atlanta GA include;
  • Soot removal film application
  • Thermal deodorization to mitigate smoke damage
  • Emergency board-up
  • Demolition
  • Complete reconstruction

Zen Dry Restoration is licensed, certified, and insured. Customer satisfaction is among our top priorities, and it is guaranteed. Besides, with our years of commercial fire damage cleanup Atlanta, we have always put our customers first. 

Fire disaster is an unpredictable event, so you need a restoration company that can appropriately handle such situations when they happen. We are always available 24 hours a day, open on weekends, and also on public holidays. We are committed to create the convenience and ease you need amid a fire disaster. 

Why Choose Us?

Zen Dry Restoration has been in the commercial fire damage cleanup for decades, with many years of combined experience. Several commercial properties were recovered and restored by us and gained popularity for completing difficult fire and smoke restoration projects. 

Our technicians are experts, well-trained, and experienced in drying, cleanup, smoke removal, and decontamination. They know how to handle emergencies to best suit your needs cost-effectively, timely, and efficiently.

We are knowledgeable about how various hazardous materials react to fire, smoke, and heat and the right steps to take to minimize their damage. We always carry out the necessary building and environment restoration services to preserve, secure and protect your business with cleanliness and environmental safety. We also know how to work hand-in-hand with your insurance representative as restoration experts, and not as an ordinary cleaning company – a significant factor to consider when searching for a qualified specialist.

Are you willing to get the best of Atlanta GA fire damage repair? Contact Zen Dry Restoration for a free inspection and or quotation: 678-468-3435.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Atlanta
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