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Long Island Dog Training

Long Island Dog Training

What can you do for stubborn canines that refuse to train? Wallys World has remarkable Long Island dog training programs to help you teach your pet obedience. Check out our videos to see the many lessons we can teach your dogs.

Experienced first-class trainers

Waleed Maalouf, our founder, is a well-traveled, accomplished dog trainer based in Long Island, New York. A nine-time North American Ring Association champion, Maaloof has mastered the art of dog communication. He’s a certified N.A.R.A. dog trainer over 17 years in the field. Our team here comprises professional dog trainers from different parts of the world. We help our pet owners with obedience training and behavior modification lessons.

Maaloof also works with various shelters and rescue organizations that call on his expertise for canine rehabilitation. His dog training seminars cover a range of skills, where he employs both modern and progressive techniques. For advanced handlers and professional dog trainers, he uses a more comprehensive approach. Want to train your canine for K-9 law enforcement, competitive obedience showcase, Belgian or French Ring Sport, agility, and Schutzhund? You can count on Maaloof to get your canine in perfect form.

Versatile training style

What sets Maaloof apart from typical dog trainers is his versatility. In that, we know he can train any canine, no matter how stubborn and unpredictable. Whether your canine has behavioral issues or is just not an enthusiastic learner, our Long Island dog training methods work. We can customize techniques to match your canine’s lifestyle and that of their owner. During training, Maaloof employs unique techniques, theories, and a combination of negative and positive reinforcement strategies. What types of training do we offer?

  • Agility and obedience training
  • Drug detection (law enforcement)
  • Rescue dog rehabilitation

Will obedience training help your dog?

First, we must establish why your canine is resisting obedience training. Understanding this will help us design the right program for him or her. Whether you have a domineering dog or one who is selectively submissive, our obedience training seminars will transform him or her. Our obedience training for dogs focuses on several disciplines, including general etiquette, guided behavior adjustment, and so forth. Some benefits include:

  • Build a closer bond with its human companion
  • Improved management
  • Make your dog happier and more sociable
  • Control aggressive behavior

Since dogs are social animals, they only require patience and guidance to learn proper behavior. Sometimes a dog uses aggression because of trust issues. Whatever is troubling your canine, we will get to the root of it and retrain him or her. Read our testimonials to see how our trained pups and adult canines are doing today. Wallys World can either come to you or adopt your canine for Long Island dog training. Contact us today at (631) 729 - 1664 for consultation or write us a message online. Our team will contact you momentarily. We can’t wait to meet your canine. Join our social media community for our latest updates. We are on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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