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Sliding Glass Door Repair Henderson

There are several reasons why your sliding doors may not work properly. There could be damage to the latch, tracks, or rollers. You don’t always have to replace the doors; you can also repair them. If you need sliding glass door repair in Henderson, contact us at A+ Sliding Door Repair.

When should you repair your sliding doors?

Before sliding doors give out, there are plenty of signs to look out for that they aren’t working properly. The most obvious of these signs is when the door doesn’t slide smoothly, and you have to give it a hard push or tug to open or close it. Replacement of sliding doors can be quite expensive, and in some cases, it’s unnecessary if they only require some repair.

There are also other signs that your sliding doors may need repair, such as water leaking inside your home near the door, or if they make a loud noise when opening or closing. If there are no problems with the door itself, there could be issues with the locks or latches not working. It’s better to call for repairs as early as possible before these issues grow and you’ll end up having to replace the door, which is more expensive.

Usually, these problems are due to wear and tear like any other fixture over time. If you have steel sliding doors in your patio, they most likely date back to the ’50s and ’60s and have to bear the weight of heavy glass panes too. So, all this time and pressure take a toll on the moving parts like the rollers.

How we repair your sliding doors

The way we repair and how long it takes depends on what the issue is with your sliding doors. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of cleaning out or replacing the old rollers with new ones, so that your doors can slide smoothly again. If you’re looking for sliding glass door repair in Henderson, contact us!

The issues could also be due to distorted or clogged tracks that the rollers glide on. In this case, we will replace either the bottom or top track, allowing a uniform surface for the rollers to glide on. If the issue is to do with the locks or latching, we will replace those too.

Can I repair the sliding doors on my own or do I need an expert?

This all depends on what the extent of your issue is. For example, it could be a minor issue such as dirt stuck in the rails or rollers, in which case you can clean them out yourself. However, if the issues are to do with the latches or deformed rails, we highly recommend you contact an expert.

You really don’t want to take chances with the latches or locks not working properly, especially if they lead to the inside of your house. An expert would also be able to replace parts such as rollers and tracks.

Are you looking for sliding glass door repair in Henderson? At A+ Sliding Door Repair, we repair all types of sliding doors in households.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Henderson

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