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Wafer Dicing Services

Wafer Dicing Services

Wafer dicing services are required to produce cost-efficient circuit boards. Multiple circuits are often printed on a single silicon wafer. With over 40 years of experience, Laserod understands how to break apart circuits.

What is dicing?

Dicing is a complicated task requiring scribing, laser cutting, breaking, and sawing. The process removes the circuits from the silicon wafer.

Separation requires intricate knowledge of the production of circuits using semiconducting materials. Wafers are sensitive and must be treated with care to avoid fractures and defects.

Printing multiple integrated circuits on a wafer

Manufacturing multiple circuits on a single wafer allows manufacturers to produce at much lower costs. There is less wasted material as well as higher capable throughput.

Integrated circuits particularly benefit from this process. Each circuit is tested before cuts are made to ensure that they are functional with the faulty circuits cut out of the wafer.

What are the advantages of laser wafer dicing?

Lasers cut down on the number of tools required to separate circuits while improving accuracy. This is particularly true when compared to mechanical sawing.

Stealth laser dicing involves to steps with the first being to map the wafer to generate the intended cutting lines and the second being to induce a fracture along those lines. A defect region is required to avoid excess splintering that may result in a damaged circuit.

How are defects avoided in dicing?

Laser-based and water-based cutting produces dust and debris. Manufacturers deploy vacuums to pick up pieces that could cause problems.

Technicians may also deploy a special film that helps avoid scratching. Specially made tape helps avoid further damage as a wafer is held in place over a metal frame.

How accurate are the lasers used in dicing?

Two factors affect the power and precision of lasers. The pulse rate and wavelength determine the accuracy of your cut.

Laserod deploys cutting edge femtosecond laser technology with an extremely high-frequency pulse rate. This allows for accurate cuts to be made along the specified path.

Sold-state laser cutting

Solid-state lasers are primarily used in stealth laser dicing, the name given to cutting wafers solely by a laser. The YAG wavelength is 1.06 microns compared with the over 10 microns for CO2 lasers.

Higher powered lasers are required to avoid excess fracturing that can significantly damage a circuit. Solid-state lasers provide the necessary power.

Wafer dicing services

Dicing a wafer to remove faulty circuits and break apart different components allows you to save time and money in the production of electronics. However, wafer dicing is an intricate process requiring accuracy and precision.

Laserod deploys high-frequency lasers with low pulse rates to limit defects and has over 40 years of experience in the field. We are currently helping build the new South Pole telescope with Stanford University, a device with incredibly low tolerance ratings.

When creating integrated and other circuits from a semiconducting material, dicing will be a part of the process. Get in touch with Laserod to find out how we can help.

Wafer Dicing Services
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