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• High quality, industrial epoxy products for concrete repair, patching, sealing, coating and resurfacing

• Family owned since the 1960s, proven track record of satisfied customers.

• Construction, home and marine applications.

• Easy to use kits–No need to weigh or measure!

• Most products cure in hours or overnight—No costly downtime.

• 100% solids, solvent free, environmentally friendly and non-blushing: glossy finish and no need to sand before recoating.

• We’re available when you need us to provide technical information, advice and tips for getting the best results!

Epoxy Products for Every Need!

• EPO Patch is ideal for patching holes and worn areas in concrete.

• EPO Joint Sealant is designed specifically for sealing control joints, construction joints and cracks in concrete floors.

• EPO Dynaweight balancing compounds for electrical motors.

• New Z-TEC ceramic epoxy line is excellent for repairing, protecting and re-lining pumps, fan and impeller blades, valves and other fluid circulating equipment.

Our experts are inventors and innovators—we can work with you to find the product that fits your needs!