EPO Dynaweight


EPO Dynaweight epodyna

Two-component epoxy dynamic balancing compound. The original epoxy putty with 2 1/2-3 hour pot life, 8-12 hour room temperature cure time and a specific gravity of 2.5. Widely used by both OEM’s and repair shops. The mix ratio is 1:1, by volume. It has a 20 year proven field history. Resistant to both R-12 and R-134a.
The use of EPO Dynaweight can save as much as 60% of your balancing time. It eliminates the necessity of a trial balance. It is non-conductive. Eliminates the possibility of electrical shorting due to balancing. It elliminates many weight location problems.

1- “Trim” balance for large amounts of imbalance.
2- Fractional horsepower and large motors.
3- Fans and blowers.
4- Computer spindles.
5- Rollers (printing and paint included).

6- Any other rotating elements requiring balance.

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EPO Dynaweight