Z-TEC 751 Ceramic Epoxy Putty 2 LB Kit


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Z-TEC-751 putty is a high performance, ceramic filled epoxy putty for the repair, protection and re-building of pumps and process equipment.

Rapid cure and an easy-to-use mix ratio (1:1 by volume), combined with excellent chemical, impact and wear resistance, make Z-TEC-751 putty an extremely versatile, protective, high build system for pump casings, fan blades, impeller blades, valves and other water circulating equipment. Z-TEC-751 is normally used for the repair of extremely worn or pitted areas in metal prior to coating with the Z-TEC-752 and Z-TEC-753 systems. It may be ground, sanded, drilled and tapped, as required.

Surface which are to be bonded to must: a) be at least 50°F, b)be structurally sound, c)be free from grease, oil, moisture or other contaminated and d)contain no more that 40 p.p.m soluble salts.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 5 in